Monday, July 02, 2012


On June 14th I began participation in the Cream City Illustrators Art Marathon. Of course, I was already almost two weeks into my good friend Keith Ikeda-Barry's 'Thirty Days Project'. The first couple days I tried to do double duty and create something unique for both. Unfortunately, there not being enough hours in the day I had to face facts and compromise. Now that the Thirty Days Project is over I will try to keep these posting regularly until the Art Marathon is over. Phew!

Day 14 of Thirty Days Project

Day 01 of Cream City Illustrators Art Marathon

Day 15 of  TDP

Day 02 of CCIAM

Day 16 of TDP

Day 03 of CCIAM

Day 04 of CCIAM/ Day 17 of TDP

Day 05 of CCIAM/ Day 18 of TDP

Day 06 of CCIAM/ Day 19 of TDP

Day 07 of CCIAM/ Day 20 of TDP

Day 08 of CCIAM/ Day 21 of TDP

Day 09 of CCIAM/ Day 22 of TDP

Day 10 of CCIAM/ Day 23 of TDP 

Day 11 of CCIAM/ Day 24 of TDP

Day 12 of CCIAM/ Day 25 of TDP

Day 13 of CCIAM/ Day 26 of TDP

Day 14 of CCIAM/ Day 27 of TDP

Day 15 of CCIAM/ Day 28 of TDP

Day 16 of CCIAM/ Day 29 of TDP

Day 17 of CCIAM/ Day 30 of TDP

Day 18 of CCIAM

Day 19 of CCIAM

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