Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A very short wishlist for Adobe Photoshop

One of the techniques I use for working in photoshop is making liberal usage of the "New Window for..." feature located in the Window menu. The reason being is that it allows me to duplicate what I'm working on but have it at a different zoom level. So, essentially I could be working closeup in one window for details and far away in another for blocking or adding large gestures. You might say "Why not use the navigator?". The reason that the navigator is useless for working this way is that 1. you can't paint in it, and 2. if you change the zoom in it, you change the zoom for the main window. Now, my beef with PS CS5 is that you can only use the "new window" method if you stay in the discreet floating panels view, as soon as you pick one of the other two full screen modes the new window disappears leaving you with only the one "main" window, the duplicate is hidden. What I would like is for the duplicate window to be able to remain on top when in full screen (maybe though a "pinning" feature?). You might say "why not just drag it onto your second monitor?", and the answer to that is that I don't have a second monitor...yet. So, if Adobe did this I would be ecstatic.

My second wish is simply for Adobe to make brush presets, swatches, and other such things saveable to the cloud. I hate having to refind this stuff after a reinstall, or simply not having access to my standard tools when working on a strange computer.

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