Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Grass Madness

I've just got done sweeping up easter grass. You know the stuff, the green translucent plastic stuff that is sold every year around this time to pad easter baskets. My daughter had a helluva time last night throwing this crap all around the living room. As I was sweeping it up I began to get really angry. How is it still legal to make something so horrible for the planet? Think about it. Easter grass is the equivalent of shredded plastic trash bags and not necessarily the biodegradable kind. I found the bag that this stuff came from in the kitchen. It came from the department store chain Target (courtesy of grandma), imported from China and has nowhere on the bag that it is environmentally friendly. This shit is heinous! How much of it is made, bought, sold, and trashed each year? It boggles the mind. Now that global warming is being taken seriously perhaps global pollution will start to be as well. There should be serious restrictions on the production and sale of trash like easter grass. Hell if it was more expensive and more conscientiously made then maybe it could be justified as something to adorn easter baskets. But maybe the whole wastefulness is part of the easter holiday. How many colored eggs end up in the trash because kids realize that they look better than they taste? I like boiled eggs by the way but I remember as a kid how gipped I felt when I cracked open one of those festive looking things only to find a mundane boiled egg, with a green yolk to boot (my parents , like most people weren't aware that you must immerse hot boiled eggs in ice water to cool them so that the yolk doesn't turn green). I hope we all start to wake up to the stupid things we are doing to the earth.

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Paula B said...

You are crazy uncle Al Ajaiha and Brandon didnt even eat there eggs Peace much love I love and site and kiss the family