Wednesday, March 28, 2007


An animatic done in flash. Not for anything in particular, just trying some things out. If someone knows how I can get the sound to turn on or off I'd appreciate the tip.


SJNelson said...

Hey- Nice work.
If you shade the background black- when the wipe moves up, it will give the impression the zombie is moving forward out of shadow (instead of the shadow moving away from the Z).
I've been reading the comic 'Walking Dead'- a pretty nice story so far. I'm up to issue #20 or so. It has a real grasp of the Romero plotting= Zombies are the least of the worries. I read the first half dozen issues in a graphic novel binding from the Milw Library some time back. If you're interested I can find you a link for DLs. Its all drawn in b&w and starkly shaded.

Alexander said...

The wipe moving up is more of a stagy device to keep the full horror slightly obscured, making it even more creepy, the intent wasn't to portray movement. I've been watching Ringu and Ju-On lately trying to pick up the tricks that make seemingly mundane things scary. Obfuscation and sound fx (not to mention camera angle and lighting)seem to be the cheapest method for spookiness without going for the gore factor. Until I saw Ringu, Alien was still the scariest thing I'd ever seen. The devices I just mentioned are used in that also.